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Don David - Toro - Corojo - 54 x 6 (Red Label)

Capa (wrapper)= Madura, Connecticut, Havana

Capote (binder)= Havano seco Relleno

Dominicano (filling Dominican)

Tripa (filler)= Piloto Cubano seco (dry Cuban Pilot)

San Vicente seco (dry San Vicente)

Olor Dominicano seco (dry Dominican scent)

This is a cigar with a harmonious balance of flavors. You may experience a blend of earthy, sweet, and rich notes with hints of chocolate, cedar, nuts, coffee, dried fruit, and floral undertones. The overall taste is likely to be robust yet smooth, providing a satisfying smoking experience for the cigar enthusiasts. The cigar, with it's sweet and sour taste sensation combines exceptionally well with a semi-sweet rum such as Flor de Cana or Whiskey. 

Tiempo de fumada (Smoking time)= 60 min.

Calibre (gauge)= 54

Longitud (length)= 6”

Fortaleza (strength)= 4


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